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Our inspiration for our Retreats is bringing together a wide range of practices to expand our perceptions and  forms of movement  as a way live the full spectrum of our human potential and bring more lightness, play, and wellbeing into our body, mind and spirit. Be sure to discover something new in our retreats that you may have never imagined, awakening new sensations, new passions and new forms of sharing with others.


Is an introspective journey where we emphasise breathing, alignment, flow motion and core power, to improve overall well being. Basic postures and creative flows combined together target an intense nonetheless respectful practice, stimulating ourself to renew our reality. In quest of momentum, we can cultivate body-mind-spirit strength & flexibility, as well as balance. I especially like inversions and core power, along with practice of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket, Synergy Yoga & Yin.

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