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What level of Acroyoga should I expect? I am new to acroyoga and don’t know if…


Acroyoga is an uplifting practice because it generates a connection between people. It is like taking Yoga out of the mat and on to a field of real experimentation. 

Where am I in the group? What role do I play in supporting/ flying/ caring of others in their process? All these observations help  you to assess yourself in the here and now. Give it a try;)



Expect to be welcomed wherever you are with your acroyoga experience. 

We set foundations in every class, make sure we all take care of one another and create a safe space for further exploration. Be prepared to reach new heights, incredible postures you might not have thought possible and build up your trust and confidence. Knowing that if you ever feel it is too much you can always just be there to support your fellow teams members, take a rest or we offer a space to develop more the therapuetic practice of Acroyoga. 



If you already have experience, we will give you challenge, that is a promise! Nonetheless, coming back to basics is very helpful to refine the lines and take your practice to another level of subtleness and ease. In this process, you might develop your patience and observe that coming with a beginners mind new spaces arise allowing you wings to grow wider ;)


I’m new to Yoga, I would like to try but I am not sure about my physical condition or if it will be to advanced for me?


Yoga is essence is not a practice where we can label “levels”. We all come with our own story and physical experience. The morning practice, as well as all others suit every level, as it is you who determine the intensity with which you practice. The cosy group of 12 ensures a personal attention by the two facilitators, Ola and Zara. Be sure that entering the retreat you will progress according to your own rhythm, supported by us :)


I’m already a Yoga/acroyoga teacher and would like to join, but not sure If I will take enough from the week?


We welcome everyone. Beyond the practices you come for taking time and disconnect in a healthy environment, experiecne the increidble group dynamics and amazing energy that is generated over the week or give yourself a push with this intense week of practice… or get inspired…there is place for everyone here. If you teach and want to join receive new inspirations regarding the practice, the methodology of teaching and also the organisation of such projects. We are happy to encourage you whatever the reason is that you feel like joinning us. 


What if I have an injury?

Here begins the real yoga. When you aren’t able to do something  that was assumed to be possible before. Depending on the grade of the injury, decide wether it is possible or not for you to join, knowing that we want to be always supportive to your recovery process and are open to offering alternatives within the practice or feel free to take part in the activities that feel good for you as we have many healing arts practices in the week and you can spend more time to rest or take care of yourself.





What about the schedule? Do I get free time? excursions on the island?


The schedule is pretty complete as we like to offer a wide range of practices and dive deep into movement exploration and connection but it is carefully designed so that there is a nice balance between the more active and the more therapuetic practices and the evening activities that are not so demanding and are to enjoy fully with sound, dance and sharing.


Half way through the week the first part of the day (till 4pm) is free for whatever you feel like doing, there is the beach 20 min walk away or you can find arrangements to get a ride/taxi, or have a car rental so you have easier freedom to move around.


We organize and take you out for two beach trips, one at Beniras to play Acro, enjoy sunset and picnic on the beach and at the end of the week to celebrate and play at the beach and take photos.


Do not hesitate to take a few days before/ after to explore Ibiza on your own, we can give you further tips;)



Do I have to get involved in every activity?


We know the programme is pretty intense. There is so much we want to share with you!  

The schedule is designed in such an intelligent way, that we alternate workout with restorative practices and extroverted social time with introspective time. But you always know best what  your own limits and energy level, so we encourage you to take your time and relax if you dont feeling like doing all the activities. We are here to support your process. Maybe give it a try if you don’t really know an activity and aren’t sure you will like it but be open to new expeiences.



I don’t know some of the practices?


Let us surprise you. Discovery can only enhance you body consciousness. Read the section about the practices, but also just let it flow and feel it;)





My English isn’t very fluent, can I join?

The retreat is held in English with possible direct translation/ mix in French and Spanish according to the groups. We also speak Polish, a bit of Italian, Portuguese.. But to not loose the track and get frustrations take into account that the retreat is mostly in English.


We already have had people join who only  speak Spanish or French and may have not been able to cnnect to some of the fellow companies through words but through so much connection, playfulnnes and laughter yes!



Do I need a partner? 

You are more than welcome to come alone. Acroyoga aims at creating community. The intensive retreat is a momentum which takes you in a bubbling spiral of love, where everyone cares for the group to progress together. Give us a week and it feels like a family.


Can I come for only a few days?

We only offer the accommodation for the full duration of the retreat. If you happen to be around, talk directly to us and join us for a workshop or a day…


Can I stay before/ after the retreat in the house ?

If the house is free, we always are happy to welcome you before or let you stay after (check in with us) . But most of the time, there are projects run there over the summer, so you can have a look on airbnb to find something nearby San Vincente or check another part of the island..





How many people take part in the retreat?

We hold an intimate space for 12 people to take special care and attention to each individual.


We are 2 facilitators, the house holders are a family of 3 and a dog, we usually have one or two full karma yogis, an amazing cook, friends who join here an there support and get involved in the kitchen, helping with rides, taking photos or sharing some live music  and we also invite people from the island to come and join in on some of the workshops. Also, especially on some eveninga like the ecstatic dance, we usually end up with a great crowd of local friends coming to dance and bring their vibes on. So just so you know, you are in good hands :)


Where do the people come from? 

We have people from all over, Ola and Zara’s students, some from Paris, Lyon, acquaintances inspired and met from travelling all around the world, some booking via the website, bookyogaretreat, facebook, instagram, but more than anything by word of mouth.


Who are they?

The groups are pretty mixed, as regarding gender, age (from 18 to 66 years old), from all continents, all interested in developing their body awareness in a magical environment :) Feel the same? Join us.






How to get there?


From Ibiza airport, either you can rent a car and be independent during the retreat to move around or get a taxi which is about 60 euros. We will be creating a spreadsheet with all the participants contacts and schedules for arrival so you can coordinate with others if you choose to share a car rental or taxi ride.


You can also take a bus from the airport to Cala San Vicente (there is achange over of us in Santa Eularia) and then a taxi to the place which is 10 min away. Let us know, prior to departure what option suit you best and we can give you further details on how to reach the house up the hill ;).

The activites during the retreat we organize transportation but if you rent a car let us know and we would appreciate if you can help us move the group around for the activities out of the retreat space.

What to bring?


-Mosquito repellent


-Beach towel

-Water bottle

-comfy clothes

-Something warm for the evenings 

-Musical instruments 

-Anything that inspires you :)


What is the weather like?


Ibiza's long glorious summers are what made the island famous. From June to September the sun shines every day, peaking at an average of eleven hours of sunshine per day in July. Temperatures get into the high 30s to low 20s during the day, sitting at an average of 26°C in June and September but reaching 29°C in July and August. Basically, the weather is glorious. The nights can also be warm but also occasionally fresh since we are on an island.


The mid day high temperatures  of July can be a little intense but drink alot of water and enjoy the shade and the fresh breeze that comes by. In September there are chances of rain and the sea temperature are very pleasant after the warming of the summer.





Is that the right setting for me? Ibiza, parties, the wild nature?


Ibiza is a very specific spot on earth, it attracts all kind of energy. We love it because we can experiment all forms of intensity. If you heard of  Ibiza as a party place, yes it can be but the wild mystical side of the island can awaken a sense of freedom and a   deep connection with nature.


The retreat space between the mountains, with a view of the sea is a traditional ibizenca finca which has been restored to welcome groups and has a very loving and welcoming vibe. The family which hosts us gives it a very cosy atmosphere for the Satya experience.


What about the sleeping conditions? how comfortable are the rooms, how is the access to the bathrooms?



The rooms are set behind a thick layer of stone being a traditional spanish style finca where the rooms remian fresh in the day,  they are rustic with, each with its own personality and quite cosy and simple. They will be shared between one or two other people of the same gender, all beds have mosquito nets and the matresses are quite comfortable. One room that accomodates 3 people has its own bathroom and there are 3 rooms in the house that has access to the bathroom in the house and one room outside as well as tipi option or caravan option that has a bathroom connected to the house but with acces from outside. 



Is there Internet access?

If you reall yneed internet there is internet access around the kitchen but the internet is very slow so its a perfect oportunity to disconnect for this week, but it is avaialble if you need :)


Are there shops around? 

The closest place with some basic is in Cala San Vicente, which is 20-30 min walk, you coud also hitch hike or see if any one is going there. If you need something more specific within 20 min drive you have access to many different stores.





Is it vegetarian? I dont eat gluten, I have allergies to certain foods, Is there a good source of protein if its all vegan?


We provide high vibrational food that nourishes and made with a lot of love, always trying to use local produce and organic as much as possible. The meals will be mainly vegan with a few execptions of eggs or bread on the side on some days but always with vegan/gluten free option. 

We avoyd the use of processed sugar, refined flours and coffee to give this opportunity to clean the body and see how it feels with such pure foods. There is a balance with protein dishes through beans, quinoa, seaweeds and seeds and there will be some sweet helathy delights every once in a while to please the inner child. 

If you have any food allergies please let us know in advanced.


What are the meals like?


Breakfast will be mainly sweet with fruits, porridge with different grains, chia and some mornings with tomato and avocado with bread or rice crakers and always a special touch of surprise each day and herbal teas. Lunch will be the main meal which you will have to wait and see what delights come out, and dinner is lighter with a filling and nourishing soup, some vegan pates and a few extra condiments. 

There will be fruit and tea avaialble throughout the day and we assure you to feel well nourished and invite a great conscience into food and our relation to food as we try to make the meals balanced and not too heavy, you are also welcome to ask questions form the cheff and get insight into the recipies.





Is there any possibility of joinnig the retreat as exchange for helping/ karma yogi?

Or an exchange with other skills such as photography, film, web design, marketing?


Please get intouch with us as we do offer 2 spots as part exchange for the retreat for help in the kitchen and suporting the overall flow of the space.


We are also open to other exchanges, send us your proposal and we can see if it is a match.






The deposit is non refundable 1 month before the retreat.

If you cancel less than a week before the retreat, we keep half of the full price of retreat????. Thank you for understanding we are running a business from the heart, but that needs to be viable as well.



May you have any further enquiry, we are at reach

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