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Mexico, 1st - 10th of December 2020

with Zara Rutherford & friends

Yoga ~ Acroyoga ~  Nature Explorations & Rituals ~ Journey into the Senses ~ Ecstatic Dance ~

Cacao Ceremony ~ Tribal Jungle photoshoot ~ Vegan Delights ~ Breathwork & more...

Get ready for an epic experience and discover one of Mexico’s magical gems that is off the beaten track and into the jungle where the surreal and creative bring an eloquent touch to this place thanks to the incredible Surreal Sculpture garden of ‘Sir Edward James’ where spiralling staircases into infinity awaits.



  •  Casa Caracol our Retreat space is a portal where Salvador Dali meets Alice in Wonderland a place to be inspired by creativity and play.

  •  Delicious vegan, nourishing meals made with Love and fresh tropical Jungle inspirations.

  • Morning session of Yoga, Dance or Movement.

  • Workshops of Acroyoga, Acro-Contact, Somatic Exploration &  more...

  • Tribal jungle photoshoot and facepaint  to awaken your inner avatar at the  Surreal gardens.

  • Excursion to Puente de Dios, amazing waterfalls, pools and more.

  • Evening session of Ecstatic Dance, Cacao and bodywork, & Journey into the Senses.

  • Informal time to chill, soak in the natural surrounding, make new friends and adventure in the jungle or the local town.

  •  Continue the Adventure with a  day excursion to some of incredible places around this area with rivers, rapelling, caves & canoes ….. then a 3 days adventure to Las Glorias Hot Springs


Join us for an unforgettable weeks adventure to one of the hidden Gems of Mexico where we will be staying right next to the Surreal Garden and be hosted by Casa Caracol which offers a unique and artistic space with comfortable facilities and a ideal place to share and play for this week.

The Body & Soul Jungle retreat is a space to nourish, celebrate and express through an experience that awakens the senses, brings you into your body through Yoga and Movement, cultivates play & connection through Acroyoga, nurturing touch through therapeutics and sharing joy, creativity and expression through Dance, Nature adventure and a Creative bodypaint/photoshoot to bring out your inner avatar or magical spirit being.

The inspiration for this retreat is to also bring together friends and passionate and talented people to share their offerings, so we will have a beautiful variety of teachings and classes where we can inspire each other and create a family like vibe for this week with like minded people where each of us offer our unique touch into the experience.

We Are


More info Coming Soon!!!


Immerse yourself in a this lush and jungle  paradise to nurture yourself and leave behind the stresses of your daily life.


Be inspired by healthy living and raising your vibration through pure foods, fresh air, being surrounded by nature  and sharing with like minded people.


Whether you are a beginner, or you’re an experienced yogi, learn and deepen your practice and discover new forms of movement, connection and expression through Acroyoga, Ritual, Dance, Playful Connection & Somatic explorations.


Unlock your wild spirit , expression and playful joy through adventure in nature, connecting to the elements, dance, play,

adventure and awaken your inner avatar.


A place to share, connect, be yourself and celebrate this life.





About Casa Caracol


Casa Caracol is an alternative hostel surrounded by nature and located 100 meters from Las Pozas of Sir Edward James, Xilitla, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. This is a place to be inspired by creativity with nature, disconnect from modern day life, feel and enjoy nature and reconnect with your being.

Enjoy its artistic gardens, awakening a world of fantasy with its hidden sculptures and its secret corners. There is a Central Palapa which is the common space for chilling, for meals and some activities, a main yoga space where we will be offering most of the clases and there is also a small Stage for an inspiring night to share your talents and expression of your senses.

Casa Caracol offers comfortable facilities with shared Tipis, rooms and cabins with their own bathroom. Bellow you can see the various accomodation options you can choose from


About the accomodation:

Private Bungalow Caracol ( There are 10 Private rooms with Queen bed, fan and its own bathroom)

Shared Bungalow Caracol: (If you feel comfortable sharing a queen bed with someone else these rooms are very charming)
Shared Cabana (has a queen bed upstairs and a sofa bed bellow, with its own bathroom and a small balcony, this option is shared between two people where you can choose to share queen bed or one the queen bed and the other the sofa bed)
Tipi (Shared between 5/6 other people with fully equipped beds with the bathrooms are 10 meters away)
There are limited spaces in each option of acomodations, please clarify the options you would like upon registering.


About the Area: 

Just next to Casa Caracol are the Gardens of Sir Edward James where you can also enjoy some rivers on these premises. Just 10 minutes away is the small town of Xilitla where the local culture is very authentic and has not been altered by tourism, you can experience some of its authentic flavours and customs here especially in the evening where everyone hangs out around the central plaza. Around the area you will also find people that cultivate their own, coffee and other locally grown products.

Then in the state of San Luis Potosi there are some incredible places to discover, from grand blue rivers with waterfalls, large caves, water holes, stone bridges and options for many adventure sports such as rafting, rapelling and going down the caves.

After a week of connecting and sharing in a more structured format we would like to keep the adventure going so we have a local Guide that is offering a day Adventure around the area of San Luis Potosi to discover some of its incredible nature. (more info coming soon)
How to get there:
Xilitla is about an 8 hour bus ride, or 7 hour drive from Mexico city. There are about 4 departures every day from Mexico city, one of the bus lines recommended is Primera Plus and is 600 pesos (about 30 US dollars). We recommend this option more then renting a car as the roads are not so good. From Xilitla you can get a taxi that takes you to Casa Caracol in 10 minutes.
Xilitla is a rain forest, with long sunny days that can reach up to 35 ° C) and other cool days, with fog and rain, during December the evennings are cold so bring warm clothes. 
The fauna consists of harmless insects and small spiders, butterflies, frogs, snails, opossums, raccoons, armadillos, which mostly live in the bush. We recommend bringing natural mosquito repellent.



Please inquire for price details
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - until 5th Nov
To reserve your spot fill out the registration form and we will send you further details 

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